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About Reverse SiteUrls
This is additional to Core FriendlyUrlProvider makes reverse search in the SiteUrls.config. Right now click in the menu shows URLs like
Ever you have analog About.aspx for tabid=40 in the SiteUrls. This addon helps to fix it.

DotNetNuke made very good solution for custom URLs. This is SiteUrls.config file. It allows to add to this file something like this:


When your customers type something like DotNetNuke Portals shows correct page from tabid=40. Issue happens when you click this page in the menu. Instead it shows

It confuses clients and search bots. Bots can penalize, because it looks like duplicates of content. This is why this additional has been made by forDNN Team. It makes reverse lookup in the SiteUrls.config and replaces with related URL (if any).

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